How Much Does Logo Design Cost in 2019?

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How Much Does Logo Design Cost in 2019?

When we talk about how to do logo design, one of the common questions is all about the creation of an element of a brand. Pricing does matter. How much does it cost as far as logo design is concerned?


The answer is complicated and also depends on a lot of aspects. We are looking into logo design costs (and advantages of a professional logo). Even if we don’t narrow down an exact cost for you, this guide certainly can be a starting point.


It should aid you to obtain a feel for the various price brackets of the choices you could opt, and set yourself on the right path!


How Much a Logo Package Cost?


The cost related to logo design attaches on some of the variables:


Full brand design or Logo package

Who crafts the logo –logo creator software, DIY, freelance designer or an agency?

Number of timeline and revisions

There can also be other aspects as well, but grasping the answers gives a solid point of view.


The first big consideration is whether you need just a logo mark or a full brand design. The latter is a comprehensive project that probably eliminates do-it-yourself options. A brand design includes a logo as well as palettes for color, typography, voice, and style. This is a more in-depth project that will likely require a professional designer.


If you are searching only for a logo, there are low-cost options and DIY, but those could arrive with the presence of limitations.




Basic Logo Design Costs


How much does logo design cost?

Low-cost logo design packages options are often the most limited as far as scope is concerned, use (you may get only a faster version of the logo design packages and a one-off revision) and design as separate from the DIY option.

Do-it-yourself or DIY: USD0, but there comes time plus software and know-how to consider

Crowdsourcing or Contest sites: USD5 to USD500

Generators or Logo templates: USD5 to USD100

A logo design which is a professional one can cost having a lot of variation in range. It depends upon your requirements, market as well as size plus experience of the agency or person you are hiring for the job.


Most of the bigger companies or organizations send out a proposal requests to obtain pitches for logo and pricing from different groups before going too far on such type of project. (However, any business size can do this way.) That way you have knowledge of exactly what you are obtaining – and what it would cost – before the project begins. Although this really can add a few minutes to your timeline overall.


Freelancer at beginner’s level: USD 200 to USD 1,000

Freelancer with experience: USD 1,500 to USD 10,000

Small agency: USD 5,000 to USD 35,000

Regional agency: USD 7,500 to USD 50,000

National agency: USD 25,000+

It’s vital to mention variations in price region wise. If things cost more in your specific market, then you really can foresee a similar general difference in the logo design prices too.


Logo Design with low cost

With such price variation, how do you know what type of logo design is best for you? It obviously depends upon the level of service you really wish.


Low-cost logo design choices can also have lots of hidden charges, so ensure to read some fine print before you get to go.


Low-cost logo design choices are normally limited — and limitation — in scope.


Low-cost logo design choices can too have lots of hidden costs, therefore make sure to read the print before you go for a start.


The other aspects with low-cost choices are that you would not be working in person with the designer. There is not a lot of communication like back-and-forth.


With crowdsourcing contest sites, you will submit a few of the general ideas for the logo design and obtain some choices to pick from. You can also create voting to aid to a community as they decide what they like. These low-cost choices do not provide often a lot in relation to flexibility once the design gets done.


With the template of logo generators or logo tools, you create almost a design yourself without any help. You begin with a set of parts that are premade and add colors and type to create a logo design. You can also see concepts before you begin and have to piece the parts together. Often, there exists an upcharge for files of vectors along with these tools.


Comparison of Professional Logo Design

How much does cost a logo design?

One of the largest factors in cost for any logo design project is definitely time.


When we talk about logo design, working along with a professional gives a profound level of service which you can’t probably get alongside some options that are low in cost.


Develop expectation to have some design meetings as well as conversations alongside work through the logo design with one from the team or an individual who is a freelancer.


Among the huge factors in the overall cost for the logo design project is time. How many times the revisions do you require? How many sizes of logo, options or shapes? Do you also require a guide for logo usage and the logo style?


All of the above things can influence the price. And there is also much more that really goes into it. Apex Creative has had a great guide which explains almost everything which goes into any logo design. Some of the things include:


Designer’s value, expertise together with education

Value of the equipment, software and time required to create a logo

Time – the process of creativity does not happen instantly

How to fit a logo into the rest of your available brand

Lasting equity and value of the brand logo

If you wish to work along with someone in order to create the logo design and also have more options, this is certainly the best route.




When we talk about logo design, do not expect to be as lucky as Nike. All that matters, in the end, is what you feel like and what you got as a logo or design for your particular brand.

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