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Top Logo Design Trends

Top Logo Design Trends


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The main purpose of creating a logo is to organize it so that it lasts and should be placed in the minds of the target audience, even if the company fails. This article discusses some of the elements common in logos. Familiarity with these elements will help you prepare for the years to come.

Elements that have changed the logo this year The ultimate aspects of fonts
If you are strict about logo design logos, you should be aware of the types of fonts The new logo design for Yahoo introduces fonts like Optima, which completely changes the company’s perspective.
You’ll also find new fonts for logos such as Aesthetics, as well as Operator. The most popular fonts used for Logos this year are Fiddle, Songbird, Ax, and Anguette. Comprehensive online research can help you not only find statements but more

Logo depicted face
The hand drawings are creating a hit this year. Gone are the days when developers used photos and stock photos to create a clone with a logo name. This year has seen some changes from that perspective. Logo designers around the world use specially designed images to create memorable logos. These logos have helped bring out the emotional appeal by talented audiences Logos are widely influenced by the advertisements they represent. They have a greater impact on the target audience than the target audience, which is built using stock images.

The Use of Color and hues
This particular year focuses more on the brightest and boldest of the hues and tones. the most purpose of the brand designer is to use certain colors that might grab the eye during a jiffy. the colors this year focused thereon of the brand color. the most emphasis was to use a color that may hold on to the brand identity of the targeted product.

Introducing Flat Design Logo
This year is often termed because of the year of the flat design. With Windows introducing Flat design with Windows 8, Apple adapted an equivalent trend with iOS7, the brand designs are certainly a significant change. Every third-party app developers are adapting their logo to the present Flat change. Logo designing goes back to the essential with colors and basic geometric shapes. The upcoming 2018 Olympic Games logo is the perfect example of that.

Logo Designs through Initials and Letter
Simplicity is the core of the matter with the brand design trend. the brand design uses either the initials or one among the important letters of the brand. This has become one among the only and therefore the easiest method to convey the brand to the proper audience. The new logo for the famous television program, Master Chef conveys just that.

‘Here’ says the brand
The ‘Here’ navigation symbols which are popularly utilized in the virtual maps became the in-thing this year. People just like to see the ‘Here’ symbol even within the brand logos which caters to a cake shop or a photo studio. The symbol itself confirms the place where the merchandise within the logo is often found. you’ll always check the brand of Brandforma to ascertain the utilization of the ‘Here’ symbol.

Ribbons, Folded Design and More
How are you able to show dynamism in any logo? Logo designers have come up with a very clever way. The ebb and flow of a specific brand can easily be expressed by the utilization of ribbons or folded design. the utilization of ribbon can affect the audience from several perspectives. The ribbon represents the natural flow of movement and adaptation which aptly describes several companies within the present times.

There are instances when logo designers have used styles like serrated edges, app store influences, transparent overlaps also as shifting focus in their logo designs throughout this year. As we reached the ultimate quarter of the year, we’ve to carry ourselves back to ascertain what subsequent year has future for us.

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Social media marketing strategies to enhance sales

We usually talk about social sales when the process of buying a product is carried out directly on social networks, or the user is directly referred to the product or payment page, but the social sale is something else and has become An important part of online actions in companies that work on B2B that use social media marketing strategies to increase sales.

Currently, LinkedIn has become one of the most important social sales platforms in the world, where most organizations begin to gather information to reach people with decision-making capacity in companies.

The actions you will see below will help you prepare to launch the social sale on any platform you consider your target audience to be, they will give you the opportunity to connect with the right people, build trust and build relationships that can become new sales opportunities.

We usually work with companies in the industrial sector that have long sales cycles, with highly specialized products and this is where social sales offer them a great advantage.

If you want to start making social sales in your company, you can carry out these actions:


  1. – Qualification of contacts.

Evaluate all the aspects that interest you in your audience, you already know who your buyer person or the ideal target customer is, now you need to know if that new prospect you have achieved can qualify for marketing actions. Use social networks to know the reality of your contacts.

Again LinkedIn offers a great opportunity in this aspect, you can design a strategy to focus your prospecting according to the fields offered by the social network such as the sector, the size of the company, but also on the individual characteristics of the contact, such as the role in the company, its studies, its capabilities, experience, etc.

Check out the search and analysis features of any logo design platform on which you plan to test social selling. If you can’t find a solution that fits your audience, maybe that social network is not a good option for you.



  1. – Perform more effective surveys.

You will not be able to sell a product through a social network if you have not previously managed to create a relationship with that potential customer, you can achieve it by performing some basic methods, you can show the value you offer in the context and perspective of your contact to that even those responsible for making more cautious decisions want to work with you.

The fundamental pillar of the prospecting method is to find trigger events or connection levers, it can be a recent change in the commercial situation of a potential customer that increases the value of the products you could offer: the launch of new products, Opening of new offices, acquisition of companies, creation of new lines of business or anything that affects the competitive landscape of your contact.

Check your publications on social networks, as well as the web and the latest news of the company you are analyzing. When you find an event, what you have to do is find the best way to show how your solutions can help meet your needs.



  1. – Investigation of potential clients.

The search varies considerably according to the platform you choose, for example on Twitter, most searches will be performed according to the content of recent tweets and hashtags, instead of on LinkedIn, and you will perform more complex searches. You can also find potential customers within Facebook Groups, although this limits the organic reach, so prospecting often focuses on active pages.

According to a custom logos platform, each platform will mark you how to do it according to the possibilities it offers and you must adapt your strategy appropriately. Surely in this way you can collect an interesting number of potential customers (focus leads) on which to focus your recruitment efforts and that are close to your buyer persona.



  1. – Present your differential value clearly.

Everyone who uses social networks to increase sales has their own focus on what their introduction or approach messages should be. Some like to ask “if you want to know more” and others prefer to pursue contact. You can decide what you prefer, but remember, although you can approach using social networks to communicate directly with others, you should not lose the inbound approach to Maintain your principles and that it is the potential client who decides when to contact, surely you have much more valuable content that you can share with your contact and is valuable enough for them to want to know more about what you can offer.

The content will open many doors because it demonstrates your experience. With attractive logo design, valuable content and persistent and cooperative follow-up with the contact, you can position yourself as a reliable advisor.



  1. – Promote your content strategy in social networks.

Even if you are strictly a sales professional, it is important that your voice is heard on social networks. This is where the attraction aspects of social selling really work. Most of your contacts on social networks will follow you, and your constant updates on your profile can help you understand aspects of your product or service by shaping the way your followers think.

It will be perfect if your company has a platform where you can write a little of your own content, if you share it with others you can always add something of value or opinion, you always have to build a library of marketing resources that allows you to help your buyer persona.

No matter in which sector you move, these five steps of social media marketing strategies to increase sales are your way to building a solid custom logos image in social networks that allows you to move from simple profile to brand identity, and from this to build reputation and trust, the sooner you get to it, the sooner you can evaluate the return on your investment in social sales and if you need help you can always contact one of our social media marketing experts.

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Designing a Great Logo; 10+ Pro Tips and Resources

Most of the time it seems strange to understand that creating a logo is quite a simple task. In fact, the process involves a lot of research, time and hard work. A combination of these results in creating a logo that is superb and communicates well the identity of a business brand.

So how can an exceptional logo be designed?

In this write-up, I am going to give you amazing tips to craft a unique, exceptional and everlasting logo.

#1.Know your brand and carry out good research

If you need to design your own logo you must understand the value and nature of your business thoroughly. And if you have to create a logo design for a customer, you must do thorough research about the client’s business. Do bear in mind that the logo is not a mere image but it must present the brand. It is also essential for the logo to deliver what the brand stands for.

Take your time to understand the client, nature of the business, who they are and what they demand. Indulge in discussion with the clients in order to apprehend their ideas and demands. Request the customer to provide you some sketches so that you can form a better idea.

#2. Get to know your audience

An effective logo is the one that not only represents the brand but also conveys the profound and obscured the meaning of the brand and appeals to the target audience. Consider, for instance, the Airbnb’s logo design. A lot of quest and consideration was involved in the procedure. It is a generalization of four tenets- love, people, places, and Airbnb- that are merged into single “A” shape.

Simply stated, the logo illustrates the notion that Airbnb unites people, assists people in feeling connected to somewhere despite being anywhere in the world.

#3.Maintain it simple

Simple logos exist all around the business domain and survive with the passage of time. There are a lot of instances in this regard i.e Coca Cola, Apple, Google, Nike, and McDonald’s, etc. The more simple a logo is, the better it will represent your brand.

#4. Color is substantial

Color performs a crucial part, linking to our emotions in a unique manner, rendering it an efficient marketing tool whilst taking design decision. Hence your color selection must take into account the meaning and message you wish to deliver through the logo. As stated by kissmetric infographic, 85 out of 100 customers based their choice on the color only. And in line with the same statistics, the right application of colors enhances 80% of brand acknowledgement. Therefore, while drafting your logo, it’s quite essential to consider color psychology and color scheme.  To consider the color tone, along with color theory, is substantial as well. A powerful logo must perform its function in grey scale and bright colors alike.

#5.Keep it compliant

An impactful logo needs to be able to function through a number of applications and mediums. You desire it to be compliant enough to fit in not only on the website but also on other objects like T-shirts, business cards and signboards. Therefore, it is necessary to design the logo in the adaptable form to make it adjustable to all sizes.

#6.Explore contemporary trends

It’s worth knowing what your counterparts are doing. Do good research and collect information regarding logo designs. Relinquish the obsolete ideas and be innovative. Invent original and unique ideas. Some excellent websites with logo design ideas to visit are;

  • LogoGala
  • Logosed
  • Logo of the day
  • Logospire

Do remember that knowing the current trends does not necessitate that you have to observe these. Just have knowledge of contemporary trends and follow your own instinct.

#7. Repel the desire to “borrow”

It must be obvious don’t borrow logo designs from others. Never do that. It is natural to love logo design and inspire from it. You can draw inspiration but never try to copy or imitate. Your logo design has to be extraordinary and original.

#8.Make it sure the design is relevant

This demands you understand your audience. While designing a logo for fishing rod business, a rugged color scheme and design may suit but it may not be appropriate for a yoga studio.

#9.Select your fonts scrupulously

Typography is vital for a logo design to succeed. You don’t need to be ingenious. Try to use fonts that are simple and conveniently readable.

#10.Some tools for designing logos

There are a few excellent tools for logo designing that is easy and free to use. Some of these are:

  • Squarespace logos

Using this tool, you can generate a logo in no time. You will also be able to examine how will it appear on different objects.

  • Canva

Canva is a graphic designing app. It is a wonderful app for logo designing. The app renders a number of templates to customize and edit.

#11.Wish someone else do it

If you don’t want to put your time and effort to create your logo, you can think of hiring someone else to do it for you. There are various online platforms that offer affordable services. For instance;

  • 99designs
  • Fiverr

Such forums bring customers and service providers together. These online platforms provide competitive and cost-effective services.

It is quite obvious that a lot of time and effort is needed to create a logo. A thorough understanding of the client’s business is required. Before creating a logo design you must do research regarding the nature of business and customers’ demands. But logo design service providers like logo designers Australia and

Logo design in Australia has made it convenient and affordable for you to make your brand logo.

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The 7 types of logos (and how to use them)

A logo is a picture that symbolizes your business. Be that as it may, did you know there are 7 unique sorts of logos?

Despite the fact that they’re every one of the blends of typography and pictures, each sort of logo design Australia gives your image an alternative vibe. What’s more, since your logo is the primary thing new clients will see, you need to ensure you hit the nail on the head. Need to pick the best logotype for your business? Here are the 7 sorts of logos you have to think about:

  1. Monogram logos

Monogram logos are logos that comprise of letters, as a rule, brand initials. With 2 or 3 words to recall that, they’ve each gone to utilizing their initials for brand-ID purposes. So it bodes well for them to utilize monograms to speak to their associations.  

Since the attention is on initials, the text style you pick is critical to ensure your custom logo design service isn’t just on-subject with what your organization does, yet additionally readable when you print on business cards. Likewise, in case you’re not a built up business as of now, you might need to include your full business name underneath the logo so individuals can start to realize your identity immediately.

  1. Wordmarks

A wordmark or logotype is a textual style put together a logo that concentrations with respect to a business’ name alone. Think Visa and Coca-Cola. Google’s logo is an extraordinary case of this. The name itself is appealing and important in this way when joined with solid typography; the logo makes solid brand acknowledgment.

Additionally, typography will be a significant choice. Since the attention will be on your name, you’ll need to pick a textual style that catches the embodiment of what your business does. For instance, style names will, in general, utilize perfect, rich textual styles that vibe top of the line, while lawful or government offices quite often stick to conventional, “heavier” content that has a sense of safety.

  1. Pictorial imprints

A pictorial imprint (in some cases called brand imprint or logo image) is a symbol—or realistic based logo. It’s likely the picture that strikes a chord when you think “logo”: the famous Apple logo, the Twitter winged creature, the Target bullseye. Every one of these organizations’ logos is so meaningful, and each brand so settled, that the imprint alone is immediately conspicuous. A genuine brand imprint is just a picture. Along these lines, it very well may be a dubious logotype for new organizations, or those without solid brand acknowledgment, to utilize.

The greatest interesting point when choosing to go with a pictorial imprint is the thing that picture to pick. This is something that will stay with your organization its whole presence. You have to consider the more extensive ramifications of the picture you pick: would you like to play on your name? Or then again would you say you are hoping to make further importance. Or then again would you like to bring out a feeling?

  1. Conceptual logo marks

A theoretical imprint is a particular sort of pictorial logo. Rather than being an unmistakable picture, it’s a dynamic geometric structure that speaks to your business. A couple of popular models incorporate the BP starburst-y logo, the Pepsi isolated circle, and the Adidas blossom. Like all logo images, dynamic imprints work truly well since they consolidate your image into a solitary picture. In any case, rather than being confined to an image of something unmistakable, dynamic logos enable you to make something genuinely novel to speak to your image.

The advantage of a unique imprint is that you’re ready to pass on what your organization does emblematically, without depending on the social ramifications of a particular picture. Through shading and structure, you can quality importance and develop feeling around your image.

  1. Mascots

Mascot logos will be logos that include a represented character. Frequently bright, in some cases silly, and most constantly fun, the mascot logo is an extraordinary method to make your own one of a kind brand representative.

A mascot is just an outlined character that speaks to your organization. Consider them the representative for your business. Well, known mascots incorporate the Kool-Aid Man, KFC’s Colonel and Planter’s Mr. Shelled nut. Mascots are extraordinary for organizations that need to make healthy air by speaking to families and kids. Think about every one of those mascots at games and the extraordinary unique they make by engaging with the gathering of people!

  1. The mix mark

A blend imprint is custom logo design services involved a joined word mark and a pictorial imprint, dynamic imprint, or mascot. The image and content can be spread out side-by-side, stacked over one another, or incorporated together to make a picture. Some outstanding blend mark logos incorporate Doritos and Burger King.

Since a name is related to the picture, a mix imprint is an adaptable decision, with both the content and symbol or mascot cooperating to fortify your image. With a blend mark, individuals will likewise start to connect your name with your pictorial imprint or mascot immediately! Later on, you might almost certainly depend only on a logo image, and not need to dependably incorporate your name. Additionally, on the grounds that the mix of an image and content make an unmistakable picture together, these logos are normally simpler to trademark than a pictorial imprint alone.

  1. The seal

A seal logo comprises of textual style inside an image or a symbol; think identifications, seals and peaks. These logos will, in general, have a conventional appearance about them that can have a striking effect, in this way they are frequently the go-to decision for some schools, associations or government organizations. The car business is additionally enamored with image logo design Australia. While they have a great style, a few organizations have adequately modernized the customary insignia look with a logo plans fit for the 21st century (think about Starbucks’ notorious mermaid symbol or Harley-Davidson’s well-known peak).